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Richard Petty 's

1972 STP Dodge Charger.

#431972_texas.jpg (2271936 bytes)

For the racing history of this car check out my other web page. Click the picture or the link below.


The Project has taken a quite a while to get going but now is the time. We just picked up a 1971 Body from Rudy in Ridgecrest. This body is going to be perfect donor for the project. It was a 318 auto that had been sitting for 25 years in the high desert of California so there is no rust to speak of.

1971ridgecrestcharger.bmp (518454 bytes) 1971ridgecrestcharger2.bmp (518454 bytes) 1971 charger (62518 bytes)

The other car we picked up had been sitting just below San Francisco that is why there was rust in the car. The car has a lot of good parts on it including the buldge hood, the bumpers and grill section and lower valance. Thanks to Brian for selling us this car for the project he met us half way in Fresno to pick up the car. Notice the 77 Dodge Truck.

119_1939.JPG (797132 bytes) 1972 charger 1 (69986 bytes)

We started tearing down the Magnum body. This was hard to do but I believe the end result will be worth it. Lets get to it. Day 1.

1978 Magnum (66912 bytes) 1978 Magnum 1 (69184 bytes) 1978 Magnum 2 (75478 bytes)

1978 Magnum 3 (78956 bytes) 1978 Magnum 4 (77105 bytes) 1978 Magnum 5 (81862 bytes)

1978 Magnum 6 (82630 bytes) 1978 magnum day 1 (74689 bytes) petty 1972 charger underside 3 (80079 bytes)

During the teardown we found this little treasure. It verifies the research done on the car. It is the rear spring hanger on the car identifying it as DODGE #43 the part was chromed. The picture was taken at 90 deg. so you can read it more easily.

Petty 1972 spring hanger (43495 bytes)

Here are some pictures from the rest of the teardown.

Week 3 teardown (67519 bytes) week 3 teardown 2 (59348 bytes)

Here the body is loose and ready to come off. we used the cherry picker to find the parts that were hanging up.

week 3 teardown 3 (75182 bytes) week 3 teardown 4 (75241 bytes)

This is the car with one of the charger fenders installed. The original mounting points for the 71 fenders were still in place. The windshield frame is also vintage 1971 and original to the car.

week 3 teardown 5 (69184 bytes) week 3 teardown 6 (76059 bytes)

Here is the car a shell of its former self, but it will live again in its former glory. On the right lets call it a night for week 2.

week 3 teardown 7 (84835 bytes) week 3 teardown 8 (36405 bytes)

Week 3 the work of removing the old body and prepping the frame for the installation. Below you can see the obvious signs of the red and white under the petty blue.

red white and blue week 3 (63163 bytes)

Its starting to look like a Charger. This was just a trial fit to see how it would look.

front clip week 3 (74819 bytes) front clip week 3 #2 (59343 bytes)

Here is week 4 we mounted some tires, and then fitted the body. The front fenders will get trimmed out.

front clip week 3 #3 (71176 bytes) 1971 charger front tire week 4 (58821 bytes)

This is what is left of the Charger.

1971 charger shell week 4 (73357 bytes) 1971 charger body week 4 (71699 bytes)

1971 charger week 4 body mounted (61183 bytes) 1971 charger week 4 body mounted2 (68051 bytes)

Everything is going together perfectly. We will take it apart one more time to paint then it will be put together permanently.

1971 charger week 4 body mounted3 (62563 bytes) 1971 charger week 4 body mounted4 (80252 bytes)

The body comes back off and now some serious sanding is taking place. Red White and Blue everywhere.

red white and blue week cage week 5 (80183 bytes) red white and blue week cage week 5 2 (69037 bytes)

Richie Barsz from Petty Enterprises is arranging for us to receive some blue paint for the car.

5/9/2007 We have received the paint from Petty Enterprises. Thanks to the paint shop there and to Richie. I haven't posted any new pictures in a while because we are still sanding. Four layers of paint on the inside!! We unbolted the dash. It should look great when its done.

119_1989.JPG (739672 bytes) 119_1990.JPG (1020634 bytes)

The car and the body have been painted Petty Blue and are ready to go together after weeks of sanding.

119_1991.JPG (910053 bytes) 119_1993.JPG (820724 bytes)

The body is going on for the last time.

119_1998.JPG (783777 bytes) 119_1999.JPG (723242 bytes)

It is all coming together now 6-10-07

120_2001.JPG (917740 bytes) 120_2002.JPG (1027377 bytes)

119_2000.JPG (909177 bytes)

Randy  Anderson from Walker Racing is going to be making the interior sheetmetal soon.

Randy now has the car and has started fitting the pieces for the trunk. 7-27-07

The Picture on the right shows the panels with the bead rolls in them. Looking good. 9-4-07

101_0769.JPG (1986000 bytes) 122_2234.JPG (800385 bytes)

122_2235.JPG (690268 bytes) 122_2236.JPG (714713 bytes)

122_2239.JPG (755301 bytes) 122_2241.JPG (844524 bytes)

The car is now back and we will be working on the front clip getting it painted then we can mount the doors.

The quarter panel interior door panels are roughed in and allmost ready for installation.

122_2243_r1.jpg (691136 bytes)

The front clip is primed and ready for paint 11-2-07.

101_0964.JPG (2888962 bytes) 101_0965.JPG (2762162 bytes)

101_0995.JPG (2909233 bytes)

The suspension is finally going back on. The picture on the right show the DODGE #43 stamped in the steering box.

122_2296.JPG (641900 bytes) 122_23002.jpg (291495 bytes)

front susp1.jpg (18963 bytes) front susp2.jpg (18320 bytes) front susp3.jpg (18424 bytes)

Here is some pictures of the front suspension being put together

The one on the right says BIG BAR 72 DODGE on the torsion bar mount 1-12-08.

front susp4.jpg (16981 bytes) front susp5.jpg (16055 bytes) torsion bar.jpg (9747 bytes)

Trunk area is painted and the rear quarter panels are installed.

123_2314.JPG (700620 bytes) 123_2315.JPG (798158 bytes)

As of 1-27-2008. The doors are getting mounted.

123_2317.JPG (885807 bytes) 123_2318.JPG (668640 bytes)

We radiused and rolled the front fender opening it took quite a while but they came out great.

P1010744 (2).JPG (67667 bytes) P1010745.JPG (51108 bytes)

1971 charger 3.jpg (9327 bytes) 1971 charger 4.jpg (9699 bytes)

We got the filler neck installed and the body primed. It needs to be blocked out. Then it will be ready for paint.

123_2371.JPG (711443 bytes)

The bottom of the car is now painted and the car is nearly ready for paint. The rear end is out for paint now also.

 123_2375.JPG (585291 bytes) 123_2376.JPG (506709 bytes)

Above you can see the Dodge #43 in the spring hanger and the U bolt shock plate. Below are the whole parts.

The Chrome spring hangers are still in good shape. Updated 4-08-08.

123_2377.JPG (1424513 bytes)

Below is the rear end installed and everything painted. 4-20-08.

102_0351.JPG (97011 bytes)

We have been racing the Factory Stock Division at the local dirt track and have not been getting anything done. There is a break inthe season and we will be getting some more work done on it. We fit the body on for final adjustments. 8-1-08.

Body prefit before paint.jpg (63495 bytes) Body prefit before paint 2.jpg (66468 bytes)

Body prefit before paint 3.jpg (61193 bytes) Body prefit before paint 5.jpg (75078 bytes)

The Blue is all fininshed now. 9/17/2008. We will be painting the Dayglo in a couple of weeks.

1972 petty roof blue1.jpg (53418 bytes) 1972 petty roof blue.jpg (52121 bytes)

1972 petty quarters blue.jpg (41195 bytes) 1972 petty fender blue2.jpg (25104 bytes)

The car below going back together for the last time.

124_2445.JPG (62785 bytes)

10-17-08 The car's paint is finally done it looks great.

124_2447.JPG (54648 bytes) 124_2451.JPG (47373 bytes)

Picture below were taken 1-09

P1020713.jpg (1664865 bytes) P1020718.jpg (1770880 bytes)

We got the bumper panel back from Randy Anderson. He cutout and layed out the rear bumper panel. We used the SE grill like was used in the car during the 1971 and early to mid 1972 season. There are a lot of bolts holding this grill together. We then installed the front lower panel.

P1020726.jpg (1803944 bytes) P1020729.jpg (1990755 bytes)

P1020732.jpg (1736332 bytes) P1020733.jpg (1997852 bytes)

The body is now complete with the rear bumper installed. We now have sheetmetal work to finish some trim pieces around the rear bumper and door handle areas. We will also have the interior door panel to install, the front shrouding for the radiator.

P1020730.jpg (2041082 bytes) P1030011.jpg (2044073 bytes)

All the main decals are now installed 4-24-09. The car really comes alive with the decals installed.

P1030010.jpg (2008817 bytes) P1030015(2).jpg (2072996 bytes)

The pictures below were taken at Spring Fling Mopar show Woodly Park Los Angeles.. 4-25-09

103_0839.JPG (3146105 bytes) 103_0840.JPG (3125935 bytes)

Funds are low currently and not a lot of progress is being made on the project. Hopefully it will be moving foward in the next couple of months...9-13-09

6-25-2010 We have some more completed on the car. The contingency decals and some miscelaneous details have been done.

P1050719.JPG (2025955 bytes) P1050720.JPG (1878599 bytes)

Below this picture was taken at Auto Club/ California Speedway in February 2010.

P1050726.JPG (1851514 bytes)

IMG_2916.JPG (174126 bytes) IMG_2921.JPG (194270 bytes)

IMG_2920.JPG (188963 bytes) IMG_2922.JPG (191614 bytes)

I put the Clements rims and Goodyear Bias Ply tires on tonight. 6-29-10. It really changed the look of the car. I should have some better pictures of the car after

Fridays outing at the West Coast Stock Car Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

IMG_2929.JPG (156832 bytes) IMG_2932.JPG (163894 bytes)

IMG_2933.JPG (152712 bytes)

Buddy Baker 1972 Daytona 500. One of the few races with blue numbers and stars on the C pillars. This is the car.

buddy baker 1972 daytona.jpg (54708 bytes)

1972 dixie 500.jpg (113527 bytes) 1972 dixie 500 1.jpg (79288 bytes)

Below right you can see the chrome hood hinges our car still has them. This is a different race then the one above you can tell by the STP on the hood.

1972 dixie 500 3.jpg (57549 bytes) 1972 national 500 12.jpg (140204 bytes)




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