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I have respect for someone who has won 200 Nascar races especially mostly in a dodge or plymouth. .


Kyle signed the center picture for me at an autograph signing. Thanks.

My next big PROJECT!!!!My next big PROJECT!!!!My next big PROJECT!!!!

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Riverside International 1978

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Here is a picture at my Home track Riverside International Raceway, Gone but not forgotten. This is what I plan to model the restoration after as it currently is set up to run Riverside (control arms are stamped Riverside right on them). I hope to enter historic stock car racing division with it as well as special events at Willow Springs Raceway.



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78magnumcrash OUCH!!www.magnumgt.com





Kyle Petty's first win Daytona ARCA 200 1979!





Daytona 74-77?


petty clan

plymouth by petty

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 did someone say cheat?



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