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My Dad on the right with his new 64 383 4 spd Sport Fury..

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His other new car a 68 Charger R/T.

168charg.jpg (28050 bytes)

Take one 440 6pack shaker hood Cuda and make one hell of a 1/4 mile dirt Street Stock car circa 1977 bought for $250. The previous owner had installed a AAR stripe to the car. My Grandfathers 72 Charger SE in background.

170cudadrive.jpg (35462 bytes)

One of its first tire rubs. Corona Raceway Riverside CA.

170cuda.jpg (31069 bytes)

We were  great competition and won are share of trophies. Thats me in the car. Circa 1979.

170cudatrophy.jpg (40639 bytes)

I will add pictures of our next circle track car later. It was a 69 383 4spd formula S Cuda.

68 Road Runner not a dent in it bought for 200 in 1985 for my sister to run.

168rr.jpg (28349 bytes)168rrracetrack.jpg (30923 bytes)

This is the same car after 2 seasons of use and my sister rolling the car at Ascot Park Gardena CA. My dad was running a different division in the same car that night and won his race after the rollover.

168rrwreck.jpg (33493 bytes)

Our 66 Dodge Bomber car was a real trooper made (3) 500 lap Enduro races.

104-0405_IMG.JPG (27328 bytes)

This was are next victom a 69 Road Runner 383 4spd. This car was a tank and survived from 1982-2000 with 10 full seasons raced. Lots of fenders and doors later. This picture was take at Pearsonville CA. Turkey Classic.

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In 89 we moved from Orange County to Riverside County. Picture on the right shows some of the cars we have on our 2 Acres.

69road runner street stock169rrracebackyard.jpg (47572 bytes)

One of the many donors along the way 68 sport satellite 318 $50 dollars. We still have the Ramcharger my dad bought new in 1979. The picture on the right is what happens when you crank a 440 with stock LY rods and cast pistons to 7500 RPM. We broke a trans.

104-0402_IMG.JPG (33777 bytes)104-0403_IMG.JPG (22639 bytes)

In action blowing the doors off of the Chevies. Man thats good times.

1/4 mile dirt track passin chevy on the outside....169rrracetrack.jpg (27504 bytes)

104-0401_IMG.JPG (41544 bytes)

All good things must come to an end and the Road Runner was retired 2001.

169racejunk.jpg (39068 bytes)

We currently have two 70 Cudas barred and ready to race but don't have the heart to race them. We are now running a 68 coronet 500 383 4bbl 4spd.

Here are a few cars that I have sold over the years I don't have pictures of all the cars I have gone through just a few.

63 Sport Fury 383 4bbl Golden commando power windows. We bought this from the second owner with intentions of restoring. Sold it to a guy then he sold it now it is a pile of junk drag car tubbed and channeled. What a shame.

163fury.jpg (41612 bytes)163furyint.jpg (40185 bytes)

66 Dodge Coronet Deluxe 318 car. I installed 400 and put disc brakes. Then it went to Iowa.

166post.jpg (28802 bytes)

72 Duster set up for bigblock. Kept the motor sold the car.

104-0408_IMG.JPG (31678 bytes)

71 Challenger conv 318 To much work. Don't ever buy a car in primer, this car was rear ended and none of the trim pieces fit anymore. Guy who bought it from me put a new rear clip and it is currently plum crazy.

104-0416_IMG.JPG (31367 bytes)

68 Charger parts car 383 4bbl perfect interior. and a 68 R/T that was put to rest.

104-0414_IMG.JPG (36927 bytes)168chargjunk.jpg (37694 bytes)

Only newer chrysler I have messed with a 81 Diplomat patrol car. I took the rims and tires and sold it.

104-0409_IMG.JPG (27230 bytes)

Cars we currently have

My 1969  SuperBee 5/19/2002. 69 Dodge Coronet Superbee convertible,  yeah, they should've made it 383 4bbl auto. , bucket seats, center armrest, ramcharger hood!

1969 Coronet 500 made into Super Bee169beeconv.jpg (29892 bytes)

My trusty truck 78 Cab Plus 4spd was 318 now 440 375 h.p.

104-0417_IMG.jpg (39698 bytes)

70 Cuda 383 4spd 68 Road Runner 65 Satelite conv.

104-0410_IMG.JPG (60210 bytes)

Cuda was Barred in 1983 and is now waiting to go road racing as a AAR cuda look alike. I don't have the heart to wreck it on a dirt track..

104-0406_IMG.JPG (37120 bytes)104-0407_IMG.JPG (36260 bytes)

My dads Red Xpress.

103-0399_IMG.JPG (29997 bytes)

69 sport satellite conv. Soon to be GTX clone.

104-0412_IMG.JPG (31526 bytes)

My first car 1964 Polara 500 383 2bbl. Bought from original owner allways garaged and still is..

164dodge.jpg (30376 bytes)

My second mopar 69 Coronet 500 383. Bought from the original owner. allways garaged and still is. I graduated in this car and drove at my wedding. I currently have american torque thrust on it.

169gold.jpg (54613 bytes)169goldback.jpg (45853 bytes)

69goldeng.jpg (44741 bytes)

This is where my drag fun started 69 road runner 383 4spd 3.55 posi. Now has 440 4spd with 4.89 posi.

1greenrr.jpg (26474 bytes)

Took 6 months to complete the car. It never left the garage. Engine only went out for machine work.

69myroadrun4 (27127 bytes)69myroadrun7 (27653 bytes)

69myroadrun2 (98660 bytes)

69myroadrun (114756 bytes)

69myroadrunner (74409 bytes)69myroadrunner1 (100200 bytes)

69 Plymouth Road Runner  vitamin C with 6 pack style hood 440 4spd. Best time to date 12.82 @ 108 mph.

My $300 400 BB Ramcharger SE!


Many more cars to come I am working on taking the pics please check back me and my dad have over 20 mopars in our garage.

69 Plymouth Road Runner orig vit C orange with white buckets, vinyl top, console auto 383 4bbl auto. Sold!!

70 Plymouth GTX orig B5 blue with blue interior needs resto may change interior to black 440 6bbl 4spd console Super Trac Pack dana 4.10.

A picture of our 79 magnum signed by Kyle Petty verified it was a Petty Enterprise car.

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